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Our Super Adventure: Cats & Snacks! Hardback Book

Our Super Adventure: Cats & Snacks! Hardback Book

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Our newest Our Super Adventure comic collection!

Our Super Adventure is a diary comic about Sarah and Stef and adventures together living with four cats!

Cats & Snacks is the fourth big hardback collection of Our Super Adventure comics! (and we think it's the best one so far!)

Hardback full colour book with spot gloss details on the cover, 15x15cm, 270 pages long!

The book includes:

  • All of the Our Super Adventure comics posted between mid-2020 and 2023! (180 comic strips!)
  • Hourly Comic Day Comics  - Including Stef's first Hourlies from February 2023!
  • A whole Our Super Adventure comic drawn by Stef?! - and he did a panel in a regular one too!
  • Old Our Super Adventure strips redrawn! - I’ve redrawn ten strips from the first and second Our Super Adventure books!


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